Hi, and welcome to the Rules Forge. This is my rate sheet, where you’ll find a description of the services I provide for proofing and editing rulebooks, as well as some notes about my collaborative process. I look forward to helping you hammer out a great rulebook!

  • All rates are per manuscript page, an industry standard that means 250 words. Word count is rounded to the nearest full manuscript page.
  • Sending me a fully playable prototype of your game is highly recommended, so that I can better understand how the game plays, rather than just what it looks like on the page, and therefore create a rulebook that communicates more readily to the reader.
  • If your game involves rules text on components (cards, player boards, tiles, etc.), I will want access to edit that text, too. Make sure you consider this when evaluating the overall scope of the project.
  • I will invoice near the end of the project. The invoice will be calculated based on the initial number of manuscript pages or the final number of manuscript pages, whichever is greater.
  • Acceptable payment methods are PayPal (preferred) or check by mail. I also require one comp copy of the final product.
  • There will be a 25% rush fee on any project for which the timeline, from onset to delivery, is less than two weeks.

Option 1: Proofreading Service

This is the right option if your rulebook has already been looked over by another editor and is in the final pre-press stages. I’ll comb for typos, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and glaring inconsistencies.

  • $6/manuscript page
  • minimum fee of $100

Option 2: Copyediting Service

This is the right option if you’d like feedback on the overall structure, style, and voice of your rulebook prior to any layout. Does it communicate well? Is it right for the intended audience? Is your terminology consistent and well chosen? I’ll take a deep dive to help make your rulebook the best it can be. This level accounts for several rounds of revisions, as well as final proofing and production handoffs.

  • $30/manuscript page
  • minimum fee of $500