I don’t want your rule books to be TOO good, ok? (I’ve got a job to protect here.) But if you’re determined to improve them, I recommend Dustin.

Rodney Smith

Media Creator, Watch It Played

If Dustin edits your rules and cards, you should put that in the product description / KS page. It’s a legitimate bonus feature. Also, you should hire him today. Very soon, someone will pay him to be their in-house editor and you’ll miss out.

Mike Mullins

Game Designer

Working with Dustin on a rulebook is like watching a master sculptor or carver at work.

Randy Hoyt

Owner, Foxtrot Games

Dustin is not only a professional, and a perfectionist in the best sense of the word—he’s an absolute partner. From the very beginning of our collaboration, he was invested in the vision and success of the game. He poured himself fully into the work of creating the best rulebook possible, and his passion shows in the finished product—a clear, concise set of rules that are a pleasure to read and bring the spirit of the game to life.

David Somerville

Game Designer

Dustin stepped in with fresh eyes and reorganized the content based on my priorities and what he saw as logical steps for a new player. Trust me when I say that I was relieved. Designing a board game is a long road and getting this kind of support is rare and extremely necessary. As far as I’m concerned, the man walks on water when it comes to rulebooks.

Justin Waggle

Owner, Gray Wolf Games

Rules are stupid hard. Except when someone else does them, which I highly recommend. Repeatedly, we have worked with Dustin to turn our wall of words into easy-to-follow and playable rules. He is professional, prompt, and great at his craft.

Matt Riddle

Game Designer, Ridback Studios

We have had the opportunity to work with Dustin on two different projects: one requiring a basic proofread and the other a full copyedit. Both experiences exceeded our expectations. We plan to utilize his services for all of our future projects and have already booked him for our next game!

Dan Letzring

Owner, Letiman Games

Dustin is a wonderful editor and wordsmith. I thoroughly recommend using his services for developing high quality tabletop game rulebooks. Moreover, he is a joy to work with due to his collaborative editing approach and his positive feedback.

Kirk Dennison

Owner, PieceKeeper Games